How to be Amazing at Email

Whether you like it or hate it, email is the basis for much of the online communication that takes place today. It is one of the most reliable, efficient ways to convey your message and you can reach large groups with a single sending. With most people receiving hundreds of emails each day, many of them are simply deleted before they are even read. How can you make sure that your emails don’t end up in the recycle bin without a second glance?

  • Know what you want before you actually begin composing the email. If you are conveying a message, soliciting information, or prompting action from a secondary party, come to the point quickly. Emails that ramble are often discarded if the first few lines aren’t relevant.
  • Make the subject line eye catching. The subject line of the email is something akin to an advertising pitch. Ads are generally sort and to the point because they only have a short amount of time to get your attention. The same is true of the email subject line. Very few people read every email that they get, but most will scan the subject lines and read what seems interesting. Make the subject line brief, but punchy so it stands out and makes the recipient want to read the rest of the email.
  • Know when to send your emails. While there is no set time that is best, in most workplaces people check their email during the first part of the day. If your email calls for action, having it addressed earlier in the day increases the chances that you’ll see results.
  • Make the body of your email as short as possible and make your point quickly. If you are requesting action or asking a question, place that first and foremost in the body. The recipient my simply be skimming over the email and stating your case plainly will more often result in action. In addition, limit the number of attachments that you send. Many inboxes will automatically reject larger attachments.

Remember that your email is one among hundreds and many are probably similar to yours. If you want yours to be placed ahead of the others, it has to stand out as exceptional. A punchy subject line, a short, succinct body, and an email sent at the right time of day will set your email apart and make it stand out from the crowd.

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