Plume Enters the Wi-Fi reinvention Competition

While there have already been 2 other tech companies specializing in Wi-Fi connectivity improvement, namely Eero, and Google OnHub, Plume is trying its best to make a name of its own with its own set of products geared towards Adaptive Wi-Fi.

Most of the Wi-Fi products out in the market nowadays involve having a router, and Plume makes a name for itself by not being one of these. Their system, which will be out this coming fall, consists of small boxes which are plugged directly into power outlets. These are then controlled via a smartphone app, which enables communication with the Plume Cloud in an effort to improve speed, reliability, and coverage in their own unique way. Also, the app is used to control access and connectivity of users to the WiFi network.

The company takes pride in the product’s adaptability to whatever conditions the signal may encounter. Also, it helps fight signal interference to make sure that all the connected devices are enjoying the fastest internet speed possible.

Suffice to say, a lot of the features of Plume’s device are present in a lot of other devices, but then, in terms of price, at just $39, you can experience Plume in the comfort of your homes form much less than that of other products.

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