PuyoPuyo Tetris Is The Best Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might be getting all the attention. But most Nintendo Switch players are actually raving on the new addictive game, PuyoPuyo Tetris.

Most of them would agree that PuyoPuyo Tetris is one of the best games on the Switch console.

Why PuyoPuyo Tetris Is So Addictive

Though it doesn’t possess any striking graphics like Breath of the Wild, the gameplay is truly what makes this game so addictive. According to Express UK, it doesn’t matter when a player has finally solved all of the shrines and retrieve every Kurok seed. What still happens is that this game will still be addictive. This is because it will always force players to play one more game. This will eventually lead to a couple  of more games before you finally get tired.

PuyoPuyo Tetris is a fun and interactive take on the classic Tetris game, combining it with characters and a new, action-packed objective. It surely attracts anyone who plays it in an instant. The game is a colorful chain-popping action game. This is thanks to its fun and interesting game modes that will truly keep the player from ever getting bored.

PuyoPuyo Tetris Game Modes

Talking about the game modes, PuyoPuyo Tetris features many game modes that are really going to keep players interested and hooked. There’s default game mode; there is also a versus matches modewhere players can play against either their friends, a computer AI, or on online against a stranger. It has also timed challenge boards; there are alsoParty modes that feature special items. And finally, there are also countless merger modes that would bring two separate game modes together.

Other Features Of PuyoPuyo Tetris

PuyoPuyo Tetris also features a story mode that aims to introduce and teach new player about the game and its mechanics. Many would admit that the unending dialogue is extremely boring. This is why Nintendo placed a skip button for impatient players.

PuyoPuyo Tetris also has swap mode, where the game switches between the original Tetris game, to the original PuyoPuyo gameplay. The switch occurs at regular intervals, which implies that players would have to manage two separate boards.

Players who were really good Tetris can potentially end up losing in PuyoPuyo Tetris as the game possesses new mechanics that separates itself from the original Tetris game. Despite this, PuyoPuyo Tetris is still a very addictive game has already gotten every Switch player hooked.

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