Grimsel Sets Acceleration Record High

While petrol-powered cars are the ones which are more widely available, and is the most common type of commercial cars available, Battery-powered cars are slowly making their way into the market, out of a world-wide effort and initiative to change to more sustainable and environment-friendly means.

The Grimsel, an electric racing car constructed by student engineers from Switzerland has set a new world record for acceleration by vehicles which are battery powered. While the previous record, which was held by a team from Stuttgart University was set at 1.779 seconds from 0 kph to 100 kph, the record held by the Grimsel cuts that by about a quarter, at just 1.513 seconds for the same length. Furthermore, all that the grimsel needed was a track with a mere 98ft to attain the said speed.

Attaining this speed was made possible through a 4-wheel drive system, and that motors are put on top of the wheel, and it is equipped with a traction control system which enables optimal performance to enable torque maximization. Moreover, it weighs just 370lb as it is primarily made of carbon fibre.

Almost all of the parts of the wheel, save for the battery cells, tires, and the control units of the motor are custom made, and the unit in its entirety took a building and refining process of about a year, and a team of 30, at ETH Zurich or ETZ.


To set the record, a Dubendorf air base race track located near Zurich was used.

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