Lyft And Google Partners To Create Self-Driving Cars

The battle between self-driving supremacy has just gone to a whole new level.

This is because Waymo, Google’s very own self-driving car division, has confirmed to be teaming up with Lyft. Lyft is Uber’s arch rival. This team up could potentially change everything.

Waymo Teams Up With Lyft

According to Mashable, the deal was officially confirmed today by both Waymo and Lyft. With the deal done, the two companies will join forces. They will share both of their ideas and concepts in constructing the perfect autonomous vehicle. Along with it, the two will also be planning future pilot projects and product developments.

Waymo currently holds the best autonomous driving technology, according to sources. Now with the collaboration of Lyft, it would only propel the goal of both companies. Its goal is improving lives through better transportation.

Problems For Uber

The deal could also significantly turn things around for the popular ride-hailing business app. This is because Uber is currently the leading ride-hailing company. Fortuantely, Google’s Waymo supported Lyft’s endeavors. And because of it, Lyft’s chances of overtaking Uber in the competition of autonomous vehicles just got a whole lot better.

As a matter of fact, some experts are already starting to side with Waymo as the clear favorite in the autonomous vehicle race. This is in large part of Lyft in making the bond between the two companies a lot stronger.

Early Hints About The Merge

Last year, Lyft’s co-founder John Zimmer claimed that in the distant future, every Lyft vehicles will now be autonomous. However, there are still some that doubted the seemingly ambitious claim at the time. People are guessing that Zimmer has already knew that this deal would come, which made him give some small teasers early on.

On the other end, more problems surround Uber, as the company is currently involved in a lawsuit against Waymo. The lawsuit claims that they have allegedly stolen some traded secrets from the Google Company. With that in mind, Waymo’s partnership just adds yet another wrinkle for Uber.

As of the moment, any specific details regarding the merger between Waymo and Lyft has not been disclosed. However. Waymo did give some statements. The company says that Lyft and their vision of improving the cars is on the right track. It will also be the fueling force that would enable then to reach their goals in less than five years.

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