Seat ReminderTechnology a new feature in GMC Acadia

2015 GMC Acadia SLT Front 3/4 in red

Automobile giant GMC, has recently announced that upon its availability this coming fall, GMC Acacia will feature a “Seat Reminder” technology, as a solution to several issues and potential risks associated with leaving things at the backseat of the car.


This is of great help, given that more than 20% of larceny, or in-car theft cases have shown that most of the items stolen are taken from the car’s backseat, whether it be a notebook, bad, or a laptop or some other expensive gadget. This brand new “forget-me-not” technology works simply by reminding the driver through a voice notification and digital display message to check the back seat before leaving their respective cars. Also, it helps to effectively monitor the activity of the doors, and in turn, determine if something had been placed at the rear seats prior to travelling.

This has been given the welcome by child safety advocates and have been greeted by generally positive remarks among consumers and marketers alike, given that this simple technology can help with a lot of matters, such as reducing the larceny tendencies of the car, and preventing children from being left at the backseat, which is often the cause of heat stroke.

Given all these benefits, and given that GMC users tend to be busy individuals, the seat reminder technology is a welcome addition to the vehicle’s features, indeed.

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