Confederate: A Controversial HBO Series

The new show of HBO, Confederate, was announced in a press conference several weeks ago. It is scheduled to start filming after the last season of GOT.

However, it appears that there is there are a lot of people who aren’t sold out with the new shot. The show plans to take a revisionist approach to American History. It will be a world in which the South successfully seceded from the Northern states which led to the continuity of slavery.


A grassroots campaign to topple the upcoming show started on Twitter with the hashtag #NoConfederate during the episode of GOT on Sunday night. The campaign was started by April Reign, the activist behind #OscarsSoWhite. The hashtag continued to make waves on Twitter.

It was even the number 2 trending topic around the world and number 1 in the United States in an hour. The reimagining of the outcome of the civil war and slavery as basis for a TV series was considered foolish by a lot of people.

Joy Reid, MSNBC host, posted on her twitter that it plays to a quite solid American dream – never ending slavery, becoming the constant situation for black people. “It is Unacceptable”, she says.

Historical Fiction

The disapproval of the series signifies a kind of summit in the trend of alt-historical fiction. This is a genre which has been experimented by Noël Coward, Phillip K Dick, and Quentin Tarantino. Ben Winters, an author, wrote a book titled “Underground Airlines” just last year.

The novel is about a time where the civil war never happened and slavery become legal in four states instead. It still remains to be seen whether Confederate would deal with the matter as cleverly as Winters’.

There are other unclear examples to the controversy of Confederate. This includes “The Man in the High Castle”, a novel by Dick, which imagined that the Axis powers of Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany won World War II. The book was adapted into an Amazon show in 2015 that was discreetly successful.

The project, made by Frank Spotnitz, got a less blowback, maybe because the source material of the show has existed already. It’s interesting to know is that there was little upset over some Nazi-inspired subway ads.

But, there is no existing luxury in Confederate. According to Roxane Gay, the presidency of Trump that ranges from race-baiting to racism, reiterates the likelihood of the show’s success. And just several weeks ago, Trump encouraged police brutality in his speech.

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