AMD Radeon Pro Duo is Delivering Virtual Reality Content

AMD has decided to help to take virtual reality head on. Their dual GPU graphics card known as the Radeon Pro Duo, is being sent out to universities to assist with the virtual reality experiences.

The goal right now is to help unleash virtual reality labs in local universities. This is being done in conjunction with Crytek who is best known for their assistance with Crysis. The company is hoping that through the innovation, they can also inspire a new generation of people to take the lead on VR and ultimately see it expand into other areas.

After all, there is a belief that virtual reality will spark interest in new areas that weren’t possible before. Students may want to explore design and programming in order to work more closely with this sector of information. Eventually, they will emerge with a degree and have the ability to help current companies further expand their efforts with a workforce who is willing to work with this area.

Developers are also being introduced to the Pro Duo from Radeon. Designed to be the fasted virtual reality platform, the hope is that as new headsets and technology is released, the Radeon brand becomes associated with becoming the leader in virtual reality. Right now, it is one of the few options that will work with the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive that have already been released to the market.

To further ensure that the experience is authentic, it incorporates Microsoft’s DirectX 12 middleware that is available. This includes an incredible 16 teraflops of computing power that adds to the authenticity of the experience users will have.

Clearly, the future of virtual reality is in the hands of Radeon. With their company becoming a powerhouse in the market, it is a matter of time before they help to take this form of technology to the next level.

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