Are Games Getting Closer to Reality?

Nvidia has something new to offer developers. Their new game-enhancing tools allow the reality of shadow and light to be brought to life in games as well as that of fire, smoke, and the ability to have thousands of moving bodies on screen at one time. During this year’s GDC show, Nvidia presented their updated kit that will allow the rendering of light and shadow to come into play in an attempt to allow developers to add more reality shaping to their games. If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto in the past you may have noticed the shadow settings in the game menu.

These new rendering techniques will allow light to have the realistic scattering effect that happens when it hits different surfaces. Using a multi-stage algorithm, the new software will produce a more accurate simulation of what happens when light travels through a medium containing matter.

The second enhancing tool allows for a transition to happen when moving from deep shadows to lighter areas and how object and light appear in the transition process. The transition happens from hard to light effects and will help in solving one of the most difficult problems in graphic developing. Though these are not massive graphics changes, they are key in bringing more reality to gaming. Shadows play a major role in what our brains may see as real or fake. Nvidia is attempting to address and bring our gaming a step closer to realism.

The last technique is, again, about shadow effect. It uses shading to add realism and depth to scenes. Using geometry the tool will calculate the shadows by using all of the scenes surroundings. Nvidia also added components to Nvidia’s PhysX library and to Nvidia Flow. This is their answer to help the performance of scenes that involve thousands of bodies, smoke, and flame.

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