Everything You Need to Know About the PlayStation 4 Neo

September is anticipated to be a month full of the latest scoops being unraveled.Among these rumors, two are expected to be revealed: Apple’s iPhone 7 and likely Sony’s PlayStation 4 Neo.

Sony has allegedly begun to convey press invites to an event called “PlayStation Meeting” which is going to be held in New York.It has been speculated that the event will see Sony officially revealing the PlayStation 4 Neo and utilize the occasion to announce to the public on the status of the PlayStation business, Neurogadget reported.

The Sony PlayStation 4 Neo was something gamers were craving to see at E3 way back in June.With no sneak peak, the coming event bodes well towards everyone’s anticipation of seeing the game console getting its official public introduction.

Sony got a ton of consideration as early as March 2016 with the PlayStation 4 Neo.The up and coming game console are labeled to be a lot more powerful and something that will render support for high graphic and VR-prepared games.

If the event is any hint, the rumor is gradually going to end up being true.

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