Getting to Know the Xbox Scorpio


The realm  of video gaming is obviously changing and improving for the betterment of not only the gamers but also all people who wanted to immerse themselves into the world of virtual reality.

With this, Microsoft wants to change the tides of the gaming industry as it will try out a different approach as to how it will develop its new consoles – with the Xbox Project Scorpio.

It can somehow be compared to the Sony PlayStation 4 Neo as it is a mid-generation release that features drastic changes in the graphics and power capabilities. It is also important to note that it will still tolerate Xbox One games. This time, Microsoft wants to take on a different theme to it.

It was first heard of in the E3 2016, where it captured the imagination of the audience. However, only little of it is known as the developers were quite shy about spilling all the “juice”. It is rumoured that it will support 4K graphics and Virtual Reality gaming, as well as a new more powerful octa-core AMD processor that can punch six teraflops, compared to the Xbox One’s 1.31 teraflops.

Microsoft is about to unveil its new Xbox One Slim, which is why it decides to postpone the release of the Xbox Scorpio by 2017.

Who knows, maybe it will also feature Windows 10?

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