MSI’s Vortex is the New PC Gaming Superstar

PC gaming desktops have to do something to stand out in a sea of completion. With triangles and stars, it comes as little surprise that the next step is go small. The MSI desktop is the smallest desktop computer and has a cylindrical design.

It features two graphics cards and has one of the fasted processors available. Additionally, it offers up to 64 GB of memory. That means this powerful system can handle even the most intense system.

But the unique design isn’t just to help it stand out. It has a proven use that those who worry about all that power overheating. The unique design allows the heat to be pulled out through the center column and then removed. A fan on the underside ensures that the heat doesn’t present a problem to those that are gaming.

But before you run out to pick up your own Vortex, you need to brace yourself for some sticker shock. The unit starts at a staggering $2,199. As you begin to add a better processer and up to 265 GB of flash storage while having a terabyte of hard drive to work with.

Additional configurations of the Vortex are also under development. As they are released, the plan is to continue to ensure that the Vortex remains one of the most powerful gaming systems in the world.

Of course, the compact size will ensure you can place it anywhere with ease. Measuring at just 7.61” x 7.01” x 10.5” it is a compact system that will work with any lifestyle. If you are ready for the next generation of PC gaming, then consider the Vortex gaming system as one of the best choices available. Take a moment to look through the available configurations and find the one that will work for all your favorite games.

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