NBA 2K18 Will Learn From NBA 2K17

 The NBA 2K game franchise has indeed proven itself to be very successful over the course of many years. Now “NBA 2K18” will surely learn a lot from “NBA 2K17”.

There is no doubt that the NBA 2K game franchise is on the top of the competition when it comes to basketball simulation games. Ever since “NBA 2K11” released, the unfathomable success start kicking in.

Its games throughout the years would surely live on in the history of gaming and of sports. However, the recent previous games just had a series of minor improvements, making the franchise a little bit stale.

It’s really because of the lack of competition. Now, “NBA 2K” developers doesn’t feel compelled to double or triple up their efforts.

With this, here are the three things that “NBA 2K18” should learn from todays “NBA 2K17”.

Introducing More Classic Teams

It really is very important to introduce more classic teams to the game, because it gives it a legendary and legit playing experience that can be compared to the real-life NBA. It’s all about honoring the NBA legends, as well as comparing the past generation and today’s set of elite players. Getting to introduce more legends in different time periods would also make the game bigger and grander. Then again, it’s all about the players and the teams. More teams, means more players, thus more fans.

Fixing The Difficulty Levels

It really is very weird to play in Pro and win by 20 points, whilst humiliating your opponent in the last quarter. But when it comes to the All-Star game, the competition is just so high; it seems there’s no end to the game, due to the countless overtimes pushed.

Who wants to play a game that has a totally messed up bunch of difficulty levels? The game developer should indeed take this issue seriously as it deviates from the game’s motto of realism.

Considering the Banners And Retired Jerseys On The Rafters

It really is very disappointing to know that one’s hard work is not considered fairly in the game. It makes perfect sense to win a championship, and by next season, banners and retired jerseys are hung on the stadium’s ceiling.

According to Mobile & Apps, “NBA 2K18” might be coming out in the Nintendo Switch. The gaming community just needs to wait for that time. Then again, patience is a virtue that everyone should keep within themselves.

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