Paper Mario: Color Splash Might Be a Cause for Concern

Video games have a diehard following. When expansions and sequels come out to these games, we often tense up with a mixture of fear and excitement. There is a chance these games have the potential to ruin a classic, while they could also enhance a universe and ultimately add a new degree of depth.

While gimmicks are fine and they serve a purpose, Paper Mario has a unique game style that one doesn’t want to overlook. This 2D / 3D platform is one that draws in gamers and the simplistic nature offers a nostalgic feeling to players. With that, there are stellar writing and design usually, when you mix something new in like color splash, you are potentially causing an incredible franchise to become clown like.

So when players realized the biggest difference in mechanics was that the hammer could change the color of objects, it wasn’t too over the top based on the trailer. That was until there was the first round of gameplay. Bosses were nearly impossible, unless you figured out a tiny flaw they have, which may require you to pick up something you might have otherwise overlooked in the level.

Perhaps closest to Sticker Star, the weakest entry in the franchise, rather than the incredible Thousand Year Door, this game is unlikely to become a fan favorite. But while it lacks with a lot of what makes these games classics, it still shows Nintendo is willing to take a risk and to breathe new life into their franchises. That means there is some degree of hope that somewhere down the road, that a breathtaking game could be right around the corner. One that takes all that is good with the Paper Mario franchise, and incorporates the positive new elements that are still within this game.

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