Pokémon meets Bandai Namco. From the creator of Tekken comes his new brainchild, Pokkén. Pokkén is an interesting mixture of Pokemon and Tekken. This new game brings in your face life to the characters that you all know and love in an epic best of three battle. Pokkén Tournament isn’t just a reskin of Tekken; it has evolved into a game all its own. Reviewed from the Wii U, you suddenly get to see things from a whole new perspective.

This isn’t a game that you’re going to master all at once. Like Tekken, you have combo’s and grabs to learn as well as each monster having its own special weapon. The characters have serious differences and will demand a lot more skill to achieve. One of the biggest suggestions is using the tutorial in the beginning.
There’s a lot to grasp from character to character and is recommended before you dash off into single player mode. A little advice, though; when you’re done with the tutorials and have a good grasp on how to battle, turn Nia’s off. She gets irritating.
When looking at the screen you will see that you have the options of Forum League, Single Battle, Practice, Local Battle, and Online Battle. This game pretty much covers that yearning for a Pokemon Stadium. The only criticism that the game has had from players is the lack of monsters you’re able to play with. Yet, with the abilities and array of actions and leveling that you can do with each character, there really isn’t any reason why players should complain about the lack of character options. The creators of the game have bigger plans in mind than putting every single monster in there. With so many monsters; they really can’t cover them all. Never fear. You will be seeing Charizard and Pikachu.
Taking everything into consideration, the cons are the fact that it has poor battery life in the controllers, it’s in dire need of a Flash upgrade, the opera browser is not a standard inclusion, the graphics don’t come anywhere near to competing with the Xbox or the PS, and the media functions could be better. The pros start with great playability, the controllers are unique, and the menu system is pretty easy to use.

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