The Possibility of a ‘Half Life 3’ Game Sequel

There is no doubt that the gaming world is filled with a ton of disappointments. This is due to the many delays, cancellations and who-knows-what.

One of the biggest disappointments of all in the gaming community is the end of the “Half Life” game franchise. But then again, there was no official confirmation of a confirmed ending.

Gordon Freeman was left hanging in the “Half Life 2” game. It is because of this that gamers from all across the globe hoped for another sequel to the game.

Throughout the course of a few years, lots of rumors and speculations swirled across the internet. But then again, all of these remained to be as rumors and speculations still.

Everything Is Just A Big Joke

According to Neo Win, “Half Life 3” is indeed under development. But unfortunately, it still remains that way throughout the many years it should have been finished.

Valve was also to blame for this due to the alleged icon in the screen in one of its big events. According to Game Rant, Greg Coomer of Valve said that the icon that was shown on the screen was not suggesting any “Half Life 3” possibility.

He says that the appearance of the icon surprised them, just as much as how the icon managed to make its way in the screen.

Hopes Gone High And Low

He then adds that they cannot fully answer the question as to what it was or why it was there. Gabe Newell, the founder of Valve, then later says that it might have been due to a couple of staff that just wanted to play around the hype of eager “Half Life 3” fans.

There were even reports of Valve staff wearing “Half Life 3” t-shirts during the GDC. With these being said, one can then conclude that it’s all about personal preference and gimmick. These observed things should not be taken seriously, as Valve is a big company with a multitude of employees and staff that have their own individual brains.

It makes perfect sense for these staff to go loose and make use of their jobs as a way to tease people for nothing. This would serve as a reminder to everyone that easily believing in speculations is not really that healthy.

And that Valve, that is the company, doesn’t have full control as to what its staff wanted to show to the public. Perhaps, it would be safe for the gaming community to stay calm, and just wait for what might happen. It might turn out to be worth the wait.

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