Powerful Gaming Machines are Preparing to Take The World By Storm

PC gaming is always expanding on what it can do. As technology advances, gaming companies take the time to push out new and incredible looking PC systems to impress the PC gamer and to hopefully continue to drive sales.

Asus in turn unveiled their Hex Gear R40 PC gaming system in the limited Rog Edition. It features a ROG motherboard, the Maximus VIII Gene, alongside a dual Asus Strix 980 Ti DC3 GPU and 16 GB of DDR RAM. It’s sleek, it’s powerful and it is one of the more buzzworthy releases that is entering the gaming world.

One example is the sleek new blue Scan 3XS Barracuda. For roughly $14,000 this system features three GTX 980 TI graphics cards and has the power to run even the most complicated game.

A 3XS BattleBox Cyclone is visually stunning, while featuring dual 6 GB EVGA GEFORCE GTX 980 graphics cards. Players who experience this system were impressed with how well it responded, while delivering graphics that were incredible.

With the unveiling of new and powerful systems, there were also several games that were also released. These games were then tested on these systems to showcase just how powerful their gameplay is.

Street Fighter V, the popular Capcom fighting game was previewed as part of this event. Zombie shooter game Killing Floor 2, Total War: Warhammer unleashed giant arachnids, and even an iRacing game was among the offerings. Each allowed players to max out the power of each device and to learn just what these new gaming systems could do.

While some of the systems have started to hit the market, others are still in the process of having their designs finalized. That means this year is one that will be incredible for PC gaming and that is something to consider when you’re looking to play the hottest upcoming releases and want a computer that won’t let you down.

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