Sony admits that their VR isn’t as high quality as the Oculus Rift

Sony admits that their VR isn’t as high quality as the Oculus Rift’s virtual reality. PlayStation Vice President Masayasu Ito is quite open about the differences because he clearly says that their VR headsets aren’t made for high-end computers. They’re made for the mass market. Being able to have virtual reality available and more affordable was Sony’s goal.

He feels that if you’re only taking into consideration Oculus’s high-end quality, then yes, Oculus is better. However, taking into consideration, the affordability, the fact that most people don’t have a high-end computer to use, and the fact that Oculus isn’t meant for everyday use, Sony’s VR headset is better.

With Oculus,most people that wear glasses can’t even use it. That’s not so with the PlayStation VR. Oculus and Vive have a higher screen resolution than the PlayStation VR, but the PS-VR has a higher refresh rate than its competition. The PS VR has a refresh rate of 120Hz while the Oculus and the Vive only have a 90Hz rate.

More importantly, Sony wants to make the PS VR more affordable than Oculus and Vive. The Oculus Rift is priced at $600 and the HTR Vive is priced at $800. That doesn’t include the serious gaming PC that you’d need in order to even use them. The price of the PS VR is set at around the same price as other gaming consoles.

In other words, it’s going to be priced at around $400US. True, you have to already have a PlayStation 4 to use it as well as the camera, but even if you had to buy those two items, the price for virtual reality is still way below the price that you’d have to pay to buy a high-end computer as well as either the Vive or Oculus. Sony also plans on having at least 50 games available for release within the first year of their VR’s release date.

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