Sony PlayStation 4 Pro: Release Details for SE Asia

People all throughout various Southeast Asian countries felt the release was coming. Truly indeed, Sony’s latest incarnation of their PlayStation Console, have arrived in Asia.

The advanced iteration implies that indeed, this latest version is one which is more powerful than the original version, given that it is 4K HDTV resolution compatible. Virtual Reality would be available the moment Sony releases it. Some things you can look forward to is the slicker, faster frame speeds. Also, advanced graphics, thanks to the updated chip for graphics as well as the processor.

Having said that, an Ultra HD TV set is required to make the most out of the console, but the tech giant was quick to assure that the 1080p sets would be fully compatible with the PS4 Pro as well. Another great feature highlighted by Sony is the 1TB hard disk. This is now external.

This allows gamers to stash as many games, demos, videos, etc. as they want without worrying about free space. For the 4K version however, Blu-ray playback is unsupported. This comes after Sony stating that the said feature isn’t really that important for now.

Unfortunately, there have been no additional customizations announced in terms of colour. You’re going to have to settle for the traditional black look for the Pro. While it still is sold out in the Philippines, due to the record-high, unprecedented demands, it is expected that supplies for the console would be replenished very soon.

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