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Sony is stepping up with even more to offer these days. The PlayStation Vue is Sony’s new “cable” TV idea. So far, however, the cons far outweigh the pros. The ability to store any of the shows or movies that you record for up to 28 days aren’t bad, but there have been many complaints about the inability to store their shows or movies for longer periods of time. This may change in the future.

Though the price is roughly that of having cable, there are arguments that because you get more channels with cable, it’s almost pointless to have Vue. Vue does offer sports channels and some local channels. They do have a decent collection of channels and shows but are still attempting to add more. Sony is currently trying to get contracts with just about every channel and company available to add to their packages. The hope is that with Vue, you will no longer want to deal with aggravating cable companies and switch to them instead. If their plan manages to fall into place then Vue will, more than likely, be sitting pretty at the top of the list for watching “regular” TV.

Here comes the downside. Currently, Vue does not have very many channels to offer. You, also, can’t even get Vue in most places. Where, before, you had to own a PlayStation to use Vue, they do have apps now that will allow you to use Vue on Amazon Fire TV and Firestick TV as well as certain iOS devices. The problem is, you still need to have a registered PS3 or PS4 to even get it.(Google Chromecast) Oddly, you can’t use Vue with PlayStation Vita or PlayStation TV. Finally, unless you have high-end internet, you’ll be wasting your time. It’s not a seamless experience until you manage to stream at 15 to 20 Mbps. If you plan on using other devices in the house, that require internet, get ready to have a few hiccups in your viewing experience as well.

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