Super Mario Run Loses Top Spot for Highest Grossing App Worldwide


It’s quite apparent that all the hype for Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s first take on mobile gaming has wavered. The game, having been released on the 15th of this month for iOS users, lost the top spot on the list of highest-grossing apps for Apple Inc. gadgets they day before Christmas, from the records of App Annie.

Just in the previous week, it was hailed most lucrative app in 49 countries. For free downloads on the other hand, it grabbed the number one spot in 88 countries, a plunge from the previously recorded 138 last December 17. The plunging rank could be directly attributed to its price. While it could be downloaded for free, users need to pay $10 in order for them to go beyond level three of the game.

Super Mario Run Needs More Innovations

This is far different from the gaming norms, where users are enthralled to buy in-game stuff to speed up how far they go in the game, with the rest of the game playable for free. Gaming fanatics obviously prefer the norms more, and because of this the game has drawn flack over little to no free content. Another reason for criticizing includes users finding the price tag of $10 just so that they can continue on with the game a bit too hefty.

In a statement released by Apptopia Inc., a mere 1-2% of users would download the full version of the game with that price, but this percentage is expected to double once the price is reduced to just $2. This price reduction is also expected to increase revenue to $50 million for the month, compared to the $20 million less that it is earning at the moment.

In the stock market, Nintendo shares have risen by close to 5% on Monday. This comes after the company’s 20% slide starting Dec. 12 and ending the week before as the unorganized launching raised questions regarding the company’s efficiency in terms of mobile strategy.

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