The Assassin’s Creed VR (virtual reality) Experience

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The Assassin’s Creed VR (virtual reality) Experience is coming across as top secret. It seems that the creators and producers are keeping it incredibly hush, hush. What we can tell you is that it will flow and go hand in hand with the Assassins Creed movie that has finished filming and is set to be released in December. The movie and the VR experience are not going to follow any of the games thus far. There’s a whole new story being told and new countries and story lines are coming into play. The biggest piece of information that all of you Creed fans need to know is that the VR experience is not a game.

UbiSoft has found a few partners to help create the new VR idea. Working with them is New Regency, Fox, and the VR firm Practical Magic. The VR film is supposed to be a short one, but apparently an amazing one. Your viewpoint in the VR film will be 360 degrees of Assassin’s Creed awesomeness. Though the movie that is set to be released stars Micheal Fassbender, it is, for now, unknown if Fassbender will also be starring in the VR short film. The locations for a majority of the VR film are the U.K., Spain, and Malta. So much of the VR film is still being kept under wraps that it’s unclear as to whether or not any of the actors that are starring in the feature film will have roles in the VR experience. Considering that the VR film is supposedly going to go hand in hand with the feature film, one can only speculate that they will, indeed, be starring the same people. Unless, of course, the assassins in the VR film don’t have faces. Hopefully, we’ll see more than just a shadowy hood in place of real faces.



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