Xbox Bosses Unsure on Scorpio and E3 Release Dates

Microsoft bosses might be giving out details regarding the gaming consoles in June this year. Phil Spencer, boss for the Xbox has reached out to Xbox Fans on Twitter.

Some of these questions have to do with the heavily-hyped, to-be-released console, the Project Scorpio. Through a tweet, it was asked if the Project Scorpio would be released prior to the E3. Spencer answered that Microsoft is not yet certain if their fans would want that to happen.

When asked about the current state of the upcoming Project, Spencer replied that he was totally happy with everything going on at the moment. He further states that first-party groups are getting their gears and systems up and running smoothly. Progress can be seen across all necessary aspects, such as platform and hardware.

Microsoft has repeatedly billed the Xbox Project Scorpio to be best, most powerful console they have ever released. Having said that users may anticipate a hefty price tag.  There have been no details regarding the price. Same goes for the exact date for its release. Despite that,the Project Scorpio is slated for a holiday 2017 release.

Xbox Boss Spencer did say in June last year that their company could have launched a better Xbox one in that same year. The idea however, was shelved in favour of waiting for a genuine 4K gaming experience, with 6 Teraflops for performance. For other news, boss for Halo, Frank O’Connor states that the features are greater than what was initially assumed.

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