Zotac Brings Virtual Reality without the Cost

If you’ve been following the world of virtual reality, there is a good chance you’ve heard of products like the Occulus Rift, and even Google Cardboard.

Well, if you’ve taken a look at the minimum requirements, you are probably more than well aware that it’s going to be costly, and it’s going to be highly technical. To be perfectly honest, the requirements for running one of these devices has been so enormous that you would literally need to build a machine yourself to get both the power and adequate cooling. Sure, they might be available right off the shelf, but at a price you really don’t want to pay.

Zotac has offered da solution, a mini computer that actually uses a desktop class Nvidia GTX 980 graphics card, actually meeting the minimum requirements for VR Gaming.


A look inside would show that the NE980 uses a sixth generation Skylake Processor, and the machine even has water cooling, as if the rest of the specs weren’t enough to convince you to buy into it. The best part? It’s ultra quiet, meaning you can deploy it in your living room, or any other room in the house without a problem.

It’s not available yet, but it’s going to be on display at GDC and CeBIT this year, giving you plenty of time to yearn for it as you strive to get into virtual reality gaming. Of course, there’s no word on how much it’s going to cost just yet, but we know it won’t be incredibly cheap. The one thing we do know is that this will make it a lot easier to get into virtual reality, especially for those who aren’t exactly technical. This thing might just be coming to a store near you in the not too distant futur

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