Justice League: Superman’s Mustache

Henry Cavill, Superman actor, has spoken about the current controversy of his mustache in the reshoots of the upcoming Justice League movie.

No Superstache

On his Instagram account, he posted a funny and pointed picture answering to a very recent report that says the Justice League’s production team will have to remove digitally the mustache of Cavill that he grew for his Mission Impossible 6 role. And also, Mission Impossible 6 is currently filming. The report led to some video mockups and memes of Cavill having the mustache as Superman.

According to Cavill, there has been no conversation over whether to not shave or to shave for the Justice League Reshoots. It is only anunyielding campaign to end the apparently unstoppable conquest of his despotic mustache.

Will Superman be in Action?

In looking to finish the debacle of his mustache, Cavill has a lot of fans pondering about a completely separate issue. When are they going to see Superman? The marketing team of Warner Bros. has gone to huge lengths in keeping Superman hidden. They are keeping him out of all promotional photos and each trailer.

We can’t really find Superman, despite Cavill teasing that he will be in it, also words from Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) at SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) that fans will be satisfied with the upcoming movie.

Superman was last seen on “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” where he died. Later then, the actor maintained his distance in public from the DC Cinematic Universe. Cavill did not appear at SDCC 2017 along with the whole cast. He instead posted another picture on his Instagram that caught some attention that he was not really there in fact.

This is not the first time that Cavill teased his role. Cavill teased a picture of a black costume of Superman last August. This sparked rumors about the involvement of Superman in JL. It was the nearest clue that fans got from Cavill that JL will include some elements of the comic mini-series “The Death of Superman”. The comic ran around 1992 to 1993.

We do not know much more about the involvement of Superman, unfortunately. And we will not know more until we come closer to the launch date. Warner Bros.’ trailer to SDCC appears to hint that the death and predictable return of Superman will be a huge part of the Movie.

The Justice League movie will be launched on November 17. 

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