Plex Media Server

Are you tired of paying for monthly streaming service such as Netflix or Hulu? It seems like a waste of money, especially considering the sheer number of digital or Blu-ray movies and shows you already own, you are essentially just paying for the ability to watch your shows anywhere in your home.

Well there is some good news for you, Plex media server is a smart system that will allow you to stream your movies and shows to almost any device that is connected to your home network. Effectively this system creates a home theater network that is available anywhere in your home not just one room.

It is simple to get started; first you need to digitalize any media that is not already in this format. This can be accomplished using a program such as Acrok Video Converter.

Once you have converted all your movies or shows to digital format you need to go inline and download the Plex Media Software from their website. Once you have the program installed on your PC you will need to set up a Plex account. This is free and takes only minutes.

Once you have signed in and launched the server it is time to add your media, this is much simpler if you arrange and organize the files on your pc into folders beforehand. Once in Plex you can add specific folders to the media library, it will scan for compatible files and you will see your movies and shows available to add.

Once you have added the media to your server you can stream it via Plex’s web player. In this screen you can see what movies you are choosing as well as a synopsis of them. Simply click the “play” icon and you are off to the races.

The Plex app is available to a large number of devices. This will enable you to stream your movies and shows on the go as well. As long as your main PC is connected to the internet you will have access to the shows.

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