Rollercoasters 2.0

There was a time when rollercoasters sought out being the biggest, fastest, and most intense. Virtual Reality has decided to change the way we experience rollercoasters. Ride of Steel in Six Flags America opened up on June 11, and it gave riders a new experience.

With the headset in place, riders no longer could anticipate the rise and falls of the rollercoaster. Instead, they simply went through the virtual cityscape as they rode this coaster. Around them, the could see a logo on their body of a superhero, determined by pressing a button on the headset.

The ride has Lex Luthor stealing gravity, and Superman saving the day, only to catch you right before you hit the ground. But not before you are bounced around on flying debris and swerving to avoid being hit. This is an experience that if successful will mean larger VR coasters will be introduced in the future.

In the near future, additional rides are expected to get an upgrade as their nostalgia has worn off, and this technology can revitalize them. In fact, those who have already been on the ride before and after the virtual reality integration have stated it is like a whole new experience as you become lost in the virtual reality playing out in front of you. With the ability to change the programming for each rider each time, such as adding in holiday or other themed elements, there is an endless number of possibilities for these virtual rides.

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