The Xbox One S Features HDR Display Instead of 4K Resolution  


Microsoft’s latest Xbox version, the Xbox One S has a lot of new features, like a polished new design and support for 4K video, both of which sound fantastic.The bad news is, it won’t play games in 4K. But that’s where HDR comes in.

A lot of people who experienced both HDR and 4K say HDR has a more prominent effect in what video games look like than the distinction between 1080p, which is the standard resolution that most people are used to. Compare that with the ultra-high-resolution 4K display. HDR just simply improves the graphic quality of games on the Xbox One S.

Jeff Dunn has all the praises about the effects of HDR: “HDR creates a deeper, more realistic picture by dramatically expanding how bright and dark your TV can get, and how much color it can present.” Basically, you get computer games that explode and look superior to if they’re played on typical SDR (standard element range) TVs.

It’s very clear that the HDR version has more vibrant colors, more detail in the bright parts, and darker shadows that still keep up the points of interest inside, compared with the standard element range of (SDR) displays.

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