Introducing Fit, Huawei’s Newest Fitness Tracker

Huawei just released their brand new and innovative product called the Huawei Fit which is basically an ordinary fitness tracker that resembles a smart watch in shape and form. It comes with a circular touch screen display and a round face. The Huawei Fit is like an ordinary fitness tracker that is capable of counting your steps and to track your sleeping pattern. Plus, it also has another feature that can track your heartbeat, helping their clients get fit while also monitoring their heart rate.
The new Huawei Fit resembles the appearance of the Pebble Time Round which is also released recently. You can easily customize your Fit by changing the straps of the watch every day. The Huawei Fit Fitness Tracker will automatically work when used and is an important for the body. It will start sensing if you are running or walking, will start measuring your counts, will track your sleep and count the duration of your sleep. Though the Huawei Fit is not GPS based, the data is all stored up directly into the phone.
This new app will truly pave the way for more devices and gadgets like these and to sell them in a really nice prince. The Huawei Fit Fitness Racker is a wonderful addition for the Chinese firm since it opens up a broader horizon for the company.

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