The Pope Joins Instagram

The Pope is no stranger to social media. The Catholic Leader has taken Twitter by storm with over 8.87 million followers. When he came to visit the United States, there was even a special emoji released in his honor. So when he announced he would be coming to Instagram, a spectacle was expected. In record time,Francisus hit 2 million followers. His first post was him kneeled in prayer and a simple, “Pray for Me” listed in several languages.

The Vatican has taken pride in the launch of the account on March 19 and is thrilled, with the results that they have had so far. The launch of the Instagram account comes as no surprise though. Earlier in the year, Kevin Systrom of Instagram had a meeting with the Pope at the Vatican. While he had his meeting, Kevin took a shot of himself with the Pope and posted it to his own account. As he did this, the Pope made it a point to hint that Instagram could be the perfect platform to allow more cultures and languages to unite in a single place with their faith.

While Instagram is notorious for the endless selfies that are posted on it, the Pope has taken steps away from that. He has used the images to showcase other events, and since he posts inspirational photos on his Twitter feed, it is believed that his Instagram account will be no different.

What’s for certain is that with the changing times, the Vatican is doing more to be tech savvy. It will be interesting to see how the Pope continues to reach out to his flock and what new and innovative tools will be included. From religious apps that send inspirational messages and updates from the Pope, to social media, he truly is the most modern religious figure of this generation.

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