Origin EON15-S: The Gaming Laptop You Might Need

Powerful and affordable gaming laptops have become common as technology continues to grow. The Origin EON15-S is one of these powerful laptops. However, it does not fit in that “affordable” title.

The EON15-S comes with a similar type of angles set up in nearly each modern gaming laptop. It is also encased in a black frame. But, Origin gives a swing of design modifications. You can select various lid colors and create your very own shell design.

Modifications extend beyond the framework. You can modify its storage options, processor, and its RAM. In general, there are a lot of options to make this laptop more expensive or cheaper.

Availability and Price

If you choose to have a low-end Origin EON15-S, it will cost you around $1,006. This includes a 120GB SSD for storage and an Intel Core i3 processor. Origin suggests an M.2 SSD for your operating system. It even allows you to add one without any additional cost. Oddly, you need to ensure by checking the radio button on the configuration page, although it is free.

If you choose to have a top-end EON15-S, you will have to spend around $3,414. This includes an Elgato capture card, six x-speed Blu-ray drives, 2,666 MHz with 32GB RAM, 2TB Samsung 960 Pro SSD, and an Intel Core i7 processor.

In all configurations, there are two things you can’t change – the graphics chip and the display. Your EON15-S will have the same NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 and a 15-inch display with 1080p resolution even if you go low-end or top-end.


A lot of people find the black laptop not eye-catching. Its design is just enough for someone to know that it is a gaming laptop. EON15-S’s multitude of case options is what makes the device a design-wise. There are other eight metallic colors you can select in addition to the black design. Each color adds around $175 to the original cost.

Also, there is an option called “Hydro Dip” which imitates the carbon fiber look. There are at least eight extra themes you can select – battle scarring, flames, and more. Each theme adds $299 to the original cost.

EON15-S’s personalization options are limitless due to custom designs. And if you have a clan or guild logo you want to put on your laptop’s lid, you can also do it.

The laptop has a programmable RGB keyboard. They keys are spaced well.

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