Building Your Own Kodi Media Streaming Box

What if you didn’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy streaming media? That is the idea behind Kodi. This open source media center software is designed to allow you to watch all your favorite streams in one place. This includes both pay stream services, and the stream of many local network stations.

This service, also known as XBMC, has helped to further expand the reach that shows have. Thanks to the cost savings, more people are able to enjoy incredible new programming, while making recommendations to other. Best of all, it is more than what most people will ever need to have. The reason is that the OpenELEC comes into play. It allows individuals to set things up with almost no configuration work on their part, so all they need is a USB hub and a Pi Zero to effectively use it.

Because everyone has different technology needs, the program designers have covered the different needs. A generic 32 and 64 bit version for Intel are available. There are also options for Nvidia and AMD users, while raspberry pi users are also provided with options at the same time.

While the streams are free, the unit itself is not. You will need to pay for the kit that will come with everything you need for a lifetime of free streaming services. This typically runs $42 – $60, depending on the power you want and the type of connection you are looking for. Additionally, you’ll need to hook the system up to a keyboard for the initial configuration, a process that you’ll be guided through.

Don’t fret if this all appears complicated at first. The process is simplified so that even the most novice user will be able to use the Kodi Media with ease.


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