Microsoft Overcomplicating the Surface Laptop

The Surface Laptop was announced by Microsoft as a flagship device for its new operating system, the Windows 10 S.

In the education market, Microsoft’s Surface Laptop represents the highpoint of the company’s efforts to take on Google’s Chromebooks. The company also revealed that Surface Laptop users can upgrade to the full Windows 10 Pro OS. This gives an opportunity for people to download apps outside the Windows Store

From S to Pro and Back to S Again

Today, a path from Windows 10 Pro back to Windows 10 S has been created by the company. Upgrading the Surface Laptop from S to Pro is easy and quick. However, the downgrading from Windows 10 Pro back to Windows 10 S is very complicated. To get back to Windows 10 S, you will need to clear the whole drive. But don’t worry, Microsoft is giving a special restore images software for Surface Laptop users.

A lot of people were surprised because the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro involves only a reboot and would only take a minute or less. On the other hand, the company’s recovery images are available at the Microsoft’s Surface website if you really want to downgrade back to Windows 10 S.

Harder to Repair

Recently, Apple’s new MacBook was given a “repairability” score of 1/10 by the teardown experts at iFixit. However, there is much worse than that. Microsoft’s Surface Laptop was given a “repairability” score of 0/10 by iFixit.

A teardown expert at iFixit even says that they would give it a score of -1/10 if they could. One reason for the poor “repairability” score of the Surface Laptop is the heavy use of glue in the device, just like the new MacBook. iFixit even described it as a “glue-filled monstrosity”.

The main parts of the Surface Pro – the processor, the storage, and the memory are all soldered to the motherboard. Even opening the laptop would require a lot of work. Teardown experts say that you can’t open the Surface Laptop without destroying the device.

According to iFixit, Surface Laptop’s battery is hard and dangerous to replace. Removing the battery took more than 10 steps. This makes the device a terrible laptop for anyone who wants it to be repaired.

Normally, when it comes to iFixit’s ratings, Microsoft and its hybrid were never given a poor score. However, this new rating is clearly a new low for the company.


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