Microsoft Releases The ‘Studio’, Its First Desktop Computer


According to Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s executive vice president for Windows and design, the upcoming desktop computer of the company to be much more immersive and easy to use than most computers. With its release, the iMac and the Macbook of Apple are threatened that they have finally competition.

The first desktop computer from Microsoft, called Microsoft Surface Studio is considered as the modern computer as it encompasses everything and can also act as a digital canvas for creative people. The company announced the release of the Surface Studio during a product launch at New York. Furthermore, Microsoft is also going to be releasing the “Creators Edition”, the next version of Windows 10 made specificallyfor atists.

According to rumors, the Microsoft Surface Studio will be released on Spring 2017. There are no specific dates but it will be first released on UK. The surface studio features its ultra thin design measuring 28 inch touchscreen display at 12.5 mm. USers of this compuer can choose between The Stylus or The Surface Pen.

Microsoft Surface Studios also features a 6th Intel core processors, an NVIDIA graphics complete with a 4gm memory and up to 2 TB of storage. The computer is going to be practical since there is nothing you can’t do anything about it. This new desktop is made for targeting their audiences who are seeking a brand new way to express themselves via art as the Surface Studio’s features a lot of functions that is really helpful to painters and drawers alike.

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