Microsoft Rewards and Developers Test  

On Wednesday, a new bug bounty program has been set up by Microsoft. The company also increased the existing ones, offering rewards that range from $500 up to $250,000.

Bug Bounties

Bug rewards persuade researchers to alert Microsoft about weaknesses in their code so that they could fix it. Since 2013, the company has hosted this program. According to the company’s Security Response Center team, they are launching the Windows Reward Program on July 26, 2017, in the essence of keeping great security in Windows.

The news was announced in a TechNet blog of the company. The new program includes Microsoft Edge (Microsoft’s latest internet browser), Windows Defender Application Guard (a program that separates untrusted sites), Mitigation bypasses, Hyper-V (a program that makes virtual machines) and Windows Insider Preview (a program that is still in beta testing for individuals attracted in pre-releases of software).

Researchers are entitled to the top bounty of $250,000 if they find and report dangerous holes in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. Previously, the top Hyper-V bounty was around $150,000.

These programs have become a common way to reward hackers to increase the security of the code of tech vendors. They can alternatively sell their results on the intelligence arms of governments for spying purposes, shops that produce exploit kits, brokers, and private markets, where they sometimes get a lot of cash.

Developers Test

The company is releasing Windows 10 S today to MSDN subscribers. Developers could install and download it to test their applications on Windows 10 S because the new OS will be available in an ISO file. The company specifically wants developers that are focused on education to test properly Windows 10 S to ensure that it is ready for that certain audience.

This is a 1st step towards making the new operating system more available broadly to schools. The company still is not making it directly available to clients to switch to. Even though any person with an MSDN subscription will be able to test and download the new operating system.

It is not likely we will see that change. However, the company is creating an Update Assistant Tool. This will include Windows 10 S that will be available next week. The tool is aimed towards schools. However, it is somehow possible that everyone will be able to use it in downloading and testing Windows 10 S.

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