Project Fi’s 1st Android One Phone: Moto X4

Sooner or later, the U.S. would be getting its first sample of Android One. Currently, Motorola and Google announced that the Moto X4 would be coming to the Project Fi wireless carrier of Google with the lean Android One Treatment.

The smartphone would cost around $400 and will come in 2 colors – silver or black. It would be available for pre-order early today.

Pure Android Experience

The X4’s Android One Model is a bit different than the smartphones that Motorola is selling. It will have a pure Android Experience. This means that the phone lacks few of the improvements that Motorola adds to their Android smartphones. You will not see one-button navigation, attentive display, Moto Access, or Moto Voice options on the Fi phone.

However, it would have the helpful gestures and several display customizations of Motorola. Maybe obviously, the smartphone wouldn’t have the Alexa voice assistant of Amazon either. It would be only the Google Assistant that will be available on the device.

The Fi Moto X4 will be released with Android 7.1 Nougat. However, Google says that an update to Android Oreo would be available before the year ends. Fascinatingly, Google also says that the smartphone would be among the 1st phones to have Android P when that’s released.

Device Specs

The hardware of the Fi Moto X4 is similar to the one released this month earlier. It has a 1080p 5.2 inches display, IP68 dust and water resistance, 3,000mAh battery, and a Snapdragon 630 processor. It has a 16 MP front cam with superior low-light mode and a dual rear cam with 12 MP and 8 MP sensors.

Aside from the smartphone being a significant mark for Android One, it is also the 1st non-Google device to be provided on the own Project Fi service of Google. Prior to this, the only devices that were officially worked and sold for with Fi were the Pixel and Nexus Phones of Google. The cheapest Project Fi device is around $650 since the launch of the Pixel XL last year. Obviously, The Moto X4 makes it much cheaper to join the Fi.

Also, the company is offering several incentives for existing Fi consumers to upgrade. Google is giving around $160 on trade-in for selected Nexus phones. And if it is done before October 5, 2017, they would receive a $50 bonus trade-in credit.

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