Apple’s iPhone 8 Will Be Capable Of Long-Range Wireless Charging


Apple is indeed proving to the world that it is the leading innovator in gadgets and tech devices. With the new iPhone 8 coming in a few months from now, the hype is surely building up through time.

Reports suggest that the iPhone 8 will feature new revolutionary features that will surely set it apart from its competition. One of the features the phone is said to have is that it will be capable of long-range wireless  charging.

If ever this rumor is proven to be true, then the iPhone 8 will be the first mobile phone to have this certain feature. There are also reports suggesting that Apple is working with a Chinese company who will act as the supplier for some of the phone’s parts.

More details about the production

The name of the company is Lite-On Seiconductor. It is said that the company will be responsible in supplying the GPP bridge rectifiers of the iPhone 8. These parts are the ones that will give the iPhone 8 wireless charging functionality.

It is reported that Apple has already acquired the first half of the supplies. Energous is also said to work with Apple to further propel Apple’s plans of having wireless charging.

Yes, wireless charging might already be present in the market. But what the iPhone 8 will have will be a different kind of wireless charging. As of now, phones need to be stationary for it to charge wirelessly.

Thus, these phones must not be used while charging. In the iPhone 8’s case, it might be that phone owners can use the phone while it is wirelessly charging.

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