Cancer From Your Cell Phone?

Rodents might not use cellphones, still the Cleveland Clinic Education website explore what would happen if they exposed them to the devices. Male rats in the experiment went on to develop tumors in both their brain and their heart. Female rats experienced a higher than normal development of tumors in their bodies, but not to the same extent as the male rats did.

While the FDA states that there is no proven linkage between cancer and cell phones, it isn’t a good idea to hold these devices in place for an extended period of time. While this technology was introduced to help us in times of emergency, it has quickly become a central device most of us are hooked up to.

Since no link has been established at this point, officials do recommend the use of hands free devices when possible. This will reduce the amount of radiation that your body ends up being exposed to by these devices. Of course, radiation exposure isn’t the only concern.

Pain in the neck and wrists are also being linked to extended use of cell phones. So while this technology has evolved, it is a good idea for the latest technology that allows hands-free communication away from the body to be explored.


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