Google Kills “Fake News” Section


In the midst of the flak drawn due to fake news appearing on their platform, Google has taken down the “In the news” found at the top of every desktop news search.

They went  on replacing it with the label “Top stories”, akin to what appears on mobile devices. The tech giant is finally implementing this plan, which has sat for quite some time. This move would most definitely help clearly distinguish between Google News and its actual search engine services.

Google Makes the Internet Legit

This comes after backlash after fake news made it to the upper results for “final election count”.The backlash is the result of the “In the news” section of Google Search leaving a blog called “70 News”. This incorrectly declared Donald Trump as the popular vote, with a margin of 700k. Contrary to Google News, the truthfulness of the content isn’t checked for the search results.

Despite this downside, the algorithms of Google that enable it to get a hold of “spam” are still effective at detecting fake news sites. The algorithms of the site, however would not be ever right all the time with checking the accuracy of the said site. The company however, has said that it would not wish to completely remove fake news off their search results.

This particular issue of fake news arose amidst the heat of the elections. They have also previously stated that fake news sites would be taken out of their ad network. This would then cut the means through which they earn and thrive.

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