Google Pixel Buds: Everything to Know

Google launched a set of Bluetooth earbuds named the Pixel Buds together with the new Pixel 2 handsets the company unveiled on Wednesday night.

The Pixel Bud has one amazing feature – on the spot translation between 40 languages with the use of a Pixel handset.

Handy Translator

In the live demonstration, the Pixel Buds were presented translating several phrases back and forth between English and Swedish. The device was using Google Translate operating on a Pixel 2 phone.

According to the product manager of Google for the Pixel Buds, Adam Champy, the device is like having your own personal translator anywhere you go. For instance, you are in Italy and you like to order pasta. All you need to do is hold down on the right earbud and say “Help me Speak Italian”.

Though the demo was remarkable, this is not the first time the company has rolled out the ability to do instant translations. It also is not the first company to put that ability into a set of earphones.

The Google Translate application on iOS and Android could perform already the similar trick. After you activate the microphone, it would listen for the sentence in English and translate it in your choice of 40 languages. Then, it would listen out for a reply and conduct the similar trick into English.

Several elements depend on a decent data connection. However, with the elimination of roaming charges in Europe, it does not cost a lot if you are in the United Kingdom.

Other Translator

For individuals who will desire to have a translator in the ear without the need of shouting, there is one device. The Dash Pro earbuds of Bragi have been capable of performing similar trick since June. Still, between 40 languages with the use of iTranslate application on an iOS.

On the other hand, the Skype Translator of Microsoft could do instant translation between 8 languages. This is done through a video or voice call. It could also translate 50 languages over a text chat. This makes conference call between languages and nations possible.

The artificial intelligence and machine-learning expansion are now becoming a reality in a lot of ways. We first thought it was not possible.

None of the gadgets and technologies available now is quite the true Babel fish. However, with the Pixel Buds, it appears that we are getting closer to the dream.

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