Xiaomi and Google Smartphone Collaboration

Xiaomi, a Chinese-brand device producer, has created a brand for itself with a huge variety of top-quality products. Their products, which include smartphones, often blow away the competition with its affordable prices.

Currently, Xiaomi may be leaping on the Android One movement for its next smartphone. Rumors are spreading that the company is collaborating with Google.

Xiaomi Mi A1

If ever there’s a single disapproval to the phones of Xiaomi, it is that MIUI is pretty overstuffed. Luckily, it will be changed with the upcoming MIUI 9. However, there’s still a learning curve connected with the custom skin of Xiaomi. Meanwhile, there are rumors suggesting that Xiaomi is collaborating with Google on launching a version of its smartphone operating standard Android via the Android One movement.

The gadget, named the Xiaomi Mi A1, was seen lately at POSTEL. The device was said to be operating software that was established by Google. This means that it must be an Android One Device. Several years ago, the Android One movement was created.

The reason was to deliver fast updates to affordable gadgets. Google was the one directly giving the updates. For the most part, the gadgets offered were reasonable. However, the movement did not gain a lot of momentum in nations like India. This resulted in poor decisions in marketing.


It also appears like Android One is preparing for a comeback. This is because of the Android Go setting its way for devices that cost around $50 up to $110. Google has collaborated largely with local producers for Android One. However, working with a more well-known manufacturer, such as Xiaomi, would obviously give the movement an extra boost.

The smartphone has an appealing hardware. It has a 5.5 inches full high-definition display. For its processor, it features Snapdragon 625. It also features 64 GB storage and 4 GB of RAM. The front camera features 5 MP. It also has a 3080 mAh battery, Bluetooth 4.2, and Wi-Fi ac.

The best part is its dual rear camera. It is a 12 MP camera amplified by a telephoto 2nd lens. Mix all of that with a price not more than $250, a promise of fast updates, and standard Android and the Mi A1 has the chance to be one of the greatest affordable gadgets of the year.

Xiaomi and Google have not responded yet to these rumors. So, we will have to wait a little bit.

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