Google Pixel Settings You Need To Change


The new Google Pixel phone are currently one of the most innovative and not to mention one of the most wonderful on sale now. From its pretty amazing camera to its Google Assistant feature, Google has truly outdone itself in providing another breakthrough in technology by giving us their new flagship phone.

In order for you to utilize and to get most from your Pixel or Pixel Xl, here are a bunch of settings you need to change right away.

Use live wallpapers

We all had our fair share of using live wallpapers from similar phones and we all know how unpractical it is. Aside from draining most of your battery life, there’s just nothing more to do than staring at the pretty lines or views from default live wallpapers.  But all will change as Google Pixel offers another perception of the live wallpaper.

Google Pixel total changed the live wallpaper section by adding wallpapers that slowly change based on the time of the day, your battery power and even shows current cloud conditions according to your location. Also, they have a “Daily Wallpapers’ button, a feature which authorizes the phone to change wallpapers every 24 hours. All of this without sacrificing your battery content!

Long press on your phone screen to see the wallpaper options.


Set up Google Photos

Also, included with the Google Pixel is the unlimited, full resolution storage on the said application. This means that you can retain the quality of your photos and videos if you will back it up on Google Photos. With that in mind, you can now change the resolution of your video to 4k, instead of 1080p, the default resolution of the Pixel.

Make sure to launch your Google Photo application for you to be sure that your photographs and videos are backed up by Google.  It takes a couple of clicks and taps for you to enable backup, but no worries because all of this is for free!


It’s hidden fingerprint sensor feature

Google Pixel has a hidden fingerprint reader on the back of the phone which allows the owner to pull down your notification shade with a quick swipe of your finger. It acts like a touchpad for the phone, the only difference is that it is on the back. It is turned off by default but you quickly turn it on. Just go to the Settings button, tap Moves and enable swipe for notifications.

And while you’re in the Moves section, you can enable and disable several shortcuts, like opening the camera by double pressing the power button and much more. If you are not sure about the shortcuts, there’s also a button that gives you a brief animation about it.


There are a lot of new features offered on the new Google Pixel phone, make sure that you use them to the fullest.

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