iPhone 7 Officially Released: 7 Features Apple’s Flagship Still Lacks


Apple’s iPhone 7 is officially released. After a week of pre-orders, the most recent in the iPhone lineup officially launches today. Excited Apple fans will be lining up out the entrance at Apple and carrier stores around the country to have their hands the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, while Android users look on bewildered.

During the Apple Event just last week, the tech company revealed various huge, positive changes coming to the iPhone 7. It’s more slender. The camera is better. And, perhaps best of all, the iPhone 7 is at long last water resistant.

Still, while there might be a lot to love about the newly released iPhones, there are more things that left us disappointed. Enough, at least, to make smartphone shoppers consider waiting up until 2017 when Apple is reportedly going to reveal an all-glass chassis design. All things said the iPhone 7 is still not perfect.

Here are the five biggest issues with Apple’s iPhone 7.

Still no wireless charging or fast charging

The iPhone 7 still falls behind the competition with regards to fundamental charging technology. While various phones have wireless charging, using some kind of charging pad that you simply set your phone on, the iPhone 7 still needs be plugged in.

The 3.5 mm audio jack is removed

Much ado has already been made about this “bold” change. The engineers at Apple are successful in innovating the 3.5 mm sound jack by simply removing it.

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