Apple iPhone 11 on 2018: What to Expect?

The iPhone X and iPhone 8 are all great and good. However, will you wait for next year’s iPhone to update?

Making it obvious – it is time to upgrade if you require a new handset because yours become slower due to everday usage. Just buy the right iPhone that suits your needs: the iPhone X, the 8, the 7, the 6S, or the SE. Do not worry about 2018’s upgrade.

Though, if you could wait, there are several rumors popped up already about what the company has been preparing for next year. So far, the reports center mostly on the next-gen iPhone displays. This can inform us that the design upgrade is looming.

However, there is no indication so far about the classification of the phones. It still is very indistinct whether they will be named iPhone 9 or iPhone 8S. For now, we will just name them the “next year’s iPhones”.

Almost Bezel-less Front Display

According to the Wall Street Journal, the next mid-range iPhones of Apple would have a bezel-less display in the front the same as the latest iPhone.

Precisely, the company is allegedly looking into a cutting-edge kind of Liquid Crystal display named “Complete Active LCD” developed by Japan Display. You could get a concept of what this type of LCD look like by looking at the XiaomiMi Mix 2 and the Essential Phone.

Another thing to observe about devices that utilize Full Active LCD type is that they all have one larger bezel at least, unlike handsets that uses OLED displays such as the latest iPhone. Usually, the bezel is found on the lowermost part of the device.

Display Would Measure Over 6 Inches

According to some reports, one of the iPhones in 2018 would have a huge screen display which measures over 6 inches. This is because according to The Korea Heard, the company has made orders for an LCD display panel from Japan Display that is over 6 inches.

It does not appear likely to be the successor to the iPhone X of Apple since the display order is actually for LCD panels. This could be a successor to the iPhone 8 Plus. For those who do not know, the iPhone X uses an OLED panel.

It is significant to note that the reports and rumors are very early. There is still a lot of time for the company to make several changes. So, take everything you read here with a grain of salt.

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