Apple iPhone 8: Biggest Issues Unveiled

Apple will soon unveil its newest iPhone 8. However, as early as now, the 10th anniversary iPhone is already laden with loads of issues.

The Apple iPhone 8 is already being criticized for some of its impending problems. However, it won’t have the power to stop the legacy of the iPhone or of the Apple brand in general.

But still, it is enough to deal a massive blow to the company’s reputation. These issues are all about the jacked up prices, few technological upgrades, and the possibly late release of the iPhone 8.

Higher Price

The very first issue that the iPhone 8 will surely face is its higher than usual cost. It has been reported that there is a very huge possibility that it may get a $1000 price tag.

With this, it makes perfect sense for it to apply the salesman’s trick of making it $999. This also means one thing, and that the other models would surely have a higher price. If the base model of 32 GB gets a $1000 price, then its 64GB would possibly bearound $1,100. And the 132 GB models at $1,200.

Technological Improvements

The question here is if Apple can justify the jacked up prices of its iPhone 8. It is reported that the iPhone 8 would feature wireless charging, a curved OLED screen and a touched that is in its screen.

As of now, all of these expectations are slowly being debunked. And the only plausible feature that it may has is an OLED screen, which is not even curved.

It’s all about profit for iPhone. Keeping up with the hype and expectations would surely be enough to keep people talking about their product.

Based on the current trend of the economy, the  cost of maintain the R and D is also rising. This makes perfect sense for Apple to increase the price.

Release Date

The last big issue that looms over the iPhone 8 is its release. There are now rumors that point out to the possible delay of the iPhone 8. This would surely be a very big blow to the company, knowing that September is its release month.

Final Thoughts

Surely, with its biggest iPhone coming out in a few months, Apple needs to keep up with the pressure. People are already expecting too much from it, as it is marketed as the 10th anniversary iPhone.

However, the expectations are now slowly vanishing in thin air. This only means one thing, and that people should not expect too much from the iPhone 8.


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