Apples iPhone 8 to be Unveiled on Sept. 12

According to several rumors, Apple has arranged a product launch event this coming September 12. Fans are expecting that the company will announce a new smartwatch and iPhones well advance in the season of shopping.

Three iPhones

According to rumors, Apple is anticipated to launch 3 iPhones. It includes the upcoming iPhone 8 to mark the 10th anniversary of the product. It is expected that the device will be pricier and larger has includes facial-recognition technology and edge-to-edge display. The company will also launch two iPhone 7 models updates which began selling in 2016.

As stated by several analysts, one of the causes of the delay was the production glitches on the upcoming iPhone. The timing will be approximately steady with iPhone announces in the past years if the event really continues on September 12. This gives assurance to customers and investors that the smartphone is on track.

However, it stays to be seen if manufacturing deficits similar to those that limited the supplies of the iPhone 6 would constrain sales of the upcoming handsets. Typically, the company starts selling new smartphones around 10 days after announcing them.

Component Leaks

The upcoming iPhone will bring greater performance than the previous iPhones. It is just based on the 10nm chips in the new iPad which really provides great performance. Aside from being faster, the new processor also is more energy efficient. This will help cut the consumption of battery down when conducting regular tasks.

However, despite being a device that would the same size as the iPhone 7, the A11 chips will not be the only component that would aid the company provide enhanced battery life on the upcoming device.

Aside from the present OLED screens outperforming the quality of the image of LCD displays, the iPhone 8 screen technologies will be more efficient. This allows Apple to deliver a true dark mode and Always-on display features to the iPhone.

The new design of the motherboard is more interesting. There are leaked images suggesting that the iPhone 8 would have a battery that is shaped like an L. Apple could free more internal space for its battery by decreasing the size of its motherboard.

The 5.5 inches iPhones of Apple were traditionally a lot superior in battery life checks. However, that is a direct result of the difference of size between a plus version and a standard iPhone.

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