iPhone 8 Leak Shows TouchID Removed

The iPhone 8 design looks amazingly stunning to say the least. But new information has revealed that it is set to come with yet another controversial cost.

Significant Feature Removed From Upcoming iPhones

A new report coming from Forbes have stated that Apple will be removing the Touch ID fingerprint recognition from the iPhone 8 completely. Instead, a front-facing 3D laser scanner for an all-new facial recognition.

The Advantage Of The New Feature

The benefits of facial recognition over the traditional fingerprint recognition scanner is that it is widely regarded as more effective. This is with regards of securing your phone from being infiltrated by someone else. It also guarantees that it will still work impressively well even in wet conditions, which is a scenario where Touch ID is less reliable.

The Disadvantage

The disadvantage of facial recognition is that it requires a more deliberate and awkward unlocking procedure of holding the phone up to your face level. This surely is a bit inconvenient. It would also make users become more self-conscious than fingerprint unlocking.

The said new security system can also be a little less reliable for users who are wearing glasses, contact lenses or sunglasses. This is because it is unable to detect facial recognition with these on. Though this is something that the iris scanner featured in Samsung’s ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 have already mastered.

The Impact On AR/VR Capabilities

Some analysts have also claimed that Apple’s transition towards facial recognition technology may have another long term motivation. One of its most compelling use would ultimately be AR/VR experiences. This is where the user’s hands are being scanned and integrated into a field of view. This is also provided by the iPhone that is mounted into a VR-like headset.

This would definitely open up a lot of interesting entertainment and gaming experiences that are not even available today. It might also give Apple something extra to appeal in an AR/VR standpoint compared to its competitors.

The iPhone 8 Will Be Expensive

But then again, cutting-edge technologies like the all-new facial recognition scanners on the iPhone definitely won’t come cheap. It has been reported that the scanner will add $10-15 more per unit when compared to the well-established Touch ID.

The iPhone 8’s switch to a more modern OLED display and an all-new chassis is indeed very good.  The changes are also expected to push the iPhone 8’s starting price to $10,000 or even more.

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