iPhone 8 Rumored to Adapt Flip Phone Design  


Recent rumours have highly suggested that the iPhone 8 will be equipped with a hinged display. Other rumours go further, saying that Apple’s new fold could be folded over two times. These rumours come after the filings for the patent were released to the public. It is also suggested that the company is going to adapt something modelled after a former phone giant, Motorola, the original makers of the clamshell phone.

The current model has a length of 6.23 inches, and a width of slightly over 3 inches, and this has caused problems among those who tried putting it in the pocket of their jeans. The patent filing features an iPhone equipped with nickel, nitinol, and an alloy mixed with titanium. These metals, especially the nitonol would allow the phone to have elasticity and therefore, bendability, with non-rigid polymers also one of the possible materials.

There are two sketches for the possible design of the phones, one which folds once, and the other that could fold twice. The design would then mean that different phone components would be placed in various sections of the fold. The upper section could include having the camera, sensors for the light, and the speakers, while the lower ones could house the unit processor and microphone.

The tech giant has had its fair share of innovative products in the market, one of which is the headphone jack-free iPhone 7. Instead of a jack, headphones are plugged where the charger gets plugged as well.

The patents previously filed by the Tech Giant gives us hints on the devices they are yet to release. A previously-filed patent includes one that could bar users from using the phone’s camera while a concert is ongoing.

This made use of infrared technology, which would automatically shut off iPhones in the vicinity of the emitter, thus disabling the gadget while the concert is ongoing.

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