Taking A Glipmse On The iPhone 6s Plus


The iPhone 6s Plus is the latest model to be released in the market by Apple. There have been several notable changes when it comes to its design, software, and some of its external features.

This has been one of the most popular models, and one which is the easiest to spot when compared to or placed side by side with other models as it truly stands out in terms of how it looks like. This review will aim to tackle some of the key features of this latest iPhone model and how it stands out from earlier models and other smartphone brands.


The very first thing that stands out for the iPhone 6s Plus is the design, as compared to the previous version of the iPhone, is relatively thinner and wider with a thickness of just 7.3 mm. Despite this, though, the phone still comfortably fits in the user’s hand and in a lot of pockets. It is also compatible with a lot of phone cases, making the design one which is good and practical.

The phone on its own has a classy metallic back casing.

Overall Performance

The OS of the iPhone 6s Plus has 2GB of RAM, and on iOS 9 to iOS 9.3.3, and because of this, is impressively fast. The only disadvantage, however, is that the RAM is not expandable by any means, but is still able to multitask without leaving you frustrated over any issues of freezing or hanging should there be a lot going on.


The camera of the iPhone 6s plus is a photographer’s haven, given that the details of the captured photos are rich due to the 12 MP camera. It is also capable of capturing HD videos, as fast as 240fps. The camera also has a 1/3” sensor size, geo-tagging capacities, and simultaneous recording of videos and pictures, and also an HDR mode for both ordinary photos and panoramic. A lot of photographers regard the Camera as the ultimate best one out of all the phones out there.


The screen size of the iPhone 6 plus is the largest out of all iPhone models, with a whopping 5.5 inches, and a staggering 1080 by 1920 pixels, which is ahead of its game. It is durable as well, as the screen is Ion-strengthened, and also has an oleophobic coating. The display also has an efficient zoom and has a 3D Touch display.


There are not many modifications when it comes to the interface of the iPhone 6s Plus. As with other software updates, there are changes to graphics which represent certain apps on the phone. If you have been using earlier versions of the iPhone prior, you wouldn’t have a hard time getting used to your new phone.


The new phone is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor, and the number of digits required for the pin is more than previous versions.


Final Thoughts

The iPhone 6s plus is one of the most well-received models of the iPhone series yet, given that it has several improvements compared to earlier versions.

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