What We’re Hoping For In The iPhone 5SE

A powerful processor

The 5SE is intended as a budget-friendly device, so we’re not expecting it to be as powerful as the 6S, but the closer Apple comes, the bigger its market share is likely to be. Just because you’d like your phone to be a little smaller shouldn’t mean having to compromise too much on performance.

Touch ID

The iPhone 5S has had Touch ID for two years now, so it’s something that we’d really like to see in the 5SE, despite its lower price compared to the 6S; fortunately, rumors have been floating around to the effect that this is one feature we’ll likely see when the 5SE makes its way into stores.

Stylish and Sturdy Build

The iPhone 5C came with a lower price tag in part because of its plastic, rather than metal and glass, construction. We’re hoping that Apple won’t do the same with the 5SE. It’s not all that likely that we’ll get both high end design and a low price, but this is a wish list, after all.

A 4” Screen

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it’s widely thought that the iPhone 5SE will feature a 4” screen – exactly the size many prospective users are hoping for, especially those who have wished Apple had never made the switch to 4.7” screens.

Storage Space

We’d really like to see the 5SE avoid the 8GB only availability of the 5C. 8 gigs just isn’t enough storage for most people; we’d like to see 16GB at minimum and preferably 32 and 64GB options as well.

Compact, Pocket-Friendly Form Factor

It’s all but certain that the iPhone 5SE will be smaller than the S6, but it would be really nice if it was slimmer as well as smaller so it fits easily into anyone’s pockets – if it could be closer to 7mm thick like the iPhone 6, that would be perfect.


The iPhone 5C was touted as a budget-friendly Apple device. It was, at least by Apple standards, but it wasn’t (and still isn’t) all that cheap. It would be great if the iPhone 5SE were to retail at a mid-range price, maybe in the $300 – $400 range.

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